Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

I had a fun Christmas! Hope yours was good too :)
Enjoy the pictures...

opening presents makes me sleepy

daddy got a new bow!

Christmas Eve

playing piano with Gabriel

Santa came!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Can't wait for Santa!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We went to Houston to spend Thanksgiving with some of my family. We had a great time! Thanks for a fun holiday everyone....especially Bear!!!

Sittin' on the curb

Just relaxing on the street curb, enjoying my time off!

You can't catch me!

The guys couldn't keep up with me.

Too much turkey

After that big turkey dinner, I decided to sit and relax on these steps.

My first accident

See the bruise on my forehead? I hit my noggin on a lamp. OUCH!

Stud in the SUDS!

Helping daddy wash the car is SO much fun!

Time to rinse off..

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Havin' a BALL!

This is me in my castle of balls I got at my first birthday party! It's so much fun to hide in here!
The pictures below are from my birthday party. Enjoy!

My new wagon

Here, let me show you...

Nobody rains on my parade

What a way to end the party!


This is my new 4-wheeler I got from my Aunts & Uncles...aren't they nice!?
I know how to make it go already :)

More cheesums please

After the party we decided to sit back and relax...


I'm a champion boxer here, but don't worry, the black eye is fake.

Kissy kissy

My cousin Gabriel likes to give me kisses. I really just give them out to mom and dad right now.

See how daddy's holding my bucket?

He was trying to hurry me along to get to the good candy :)

Trick or Treat!

This is my Pops! It's his first time on this blog thing.
He took me to get more candy from these nice people :)

Puppy Love

We kept running into dogs along the way, so I would stop and play. I wished I could have played with puppies the whole time. My mom & dad ate all my candy anyway!

Me & My Buddy

My Aunt April stopped by to visit and I was SOOO happy, as you can see in the next picture :)


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm 1 today!!!

Do I look any older? Today is my birthday...I can't believe a year has already flown by :)

B-day presents :)

I had fun opening my presents. I liked trying to eat the paper!


Some of my new toys!!!

Having a ball!

Nanny Callie gave me this fun ball for my birthday. I love it!

Monday, October 1, 2007

1st Haircut

Cheesy smile :)

I'm laughing because my mom didn't want me to play with the trashcan. It's one of my favorite toys...I like to drop things in it, like phones & blocks :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Go Bulls!!!

Go daddy! Beat the Braves!
See you soon :)

What a Ham!

I like to do funny tricks to make mommy laugh!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Check this out!

Today I decided I don't need to hold on to someone's finger to get around.
Here I surprised mommy by walking to her while she was looking down fixing her camera.
I'm sneaky like that!

Watch out!

I like to walk full speed into people until they catch me. This walkin' business is fun!

See Daddy :)

It's official...I'm walking now.
The more my mommy takes pictures of me, the more I like to show off my skills.

hey y'all!

I luv to smile :)

See my teeth!?!

I have 7 teeth (working on #8).
Ouch! ...they hurt coming out :(

Drummer Boy

I had so much fun banging my drum. When I put my hands way up & bang them down, the drum makes loud I did it over & over & over...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sleepy baby...

It's time for some cool weather, huh!?

FSU Fan!

I can't wait 'till daddy comes home so we can watch sportscenter together again.
I'll wear my shirt!

Lazy Sunday

Daddy came home for the day, so we decided to kick back with a cold beer. (Just kidding, I don't even know what that is).

Country Livin'

Here I am with Bob on my first tractor ride in the country. It was HOT, but I had fun.

Here goosey goosey!

Mommy & Daddy took me to the park for the first time. I fed the geese & watched the BIG rats swim in the water. Cool!

...too close for comfort...

The geese were eating from our hands. They must have been HUNGRY!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hey there!

I'm home again (in my bed of course)! I'm glad to be here, but we're missin' daddy. He'll be home soon. Below are lots of pictures of my fun summer.
Sorry it took so long, but I hope you enjoy!