Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Can't Catch Me!

Running on the beach is great excercise!
I would rather be sportin' some shorts and a t-shirt, but I wear these things for mom...

Sunglasses Anyone?

I'd say it was a little bright on the beach.
Why we didn't face the other way, I'm not sure.

Beach Babes

Here I am posing with my cousins in Destin. I got to go twice this summer. By this time I was not afraid of the waves or sand at ALL!

Crab Island

I got to hang out at Crab Island. I put my floaties on and swam by myself.
Brooks kept throwing me up in the air (it's daddy, but I call him Brooks now).

Sand and Snacks

Much of my time on the beach was spent snacking on cheese munchies and sand. Oh well!


It's amazing how tasty this tiny little cheerio is (that's what I am thinking here).

Boating with Bob

Uncle Cristian let me drive the boat fast and Bob let me ride on his lap.
We had so much fun in Destin!


I miss being a beach bum. Till next summer :)