Saturday, November 8, 2008

We're Back!

Lots has happened since the beach trip, so check out all my new pics :)

Derek Jeter

I was Derek Jeter for Halloween!
Question...what is my dad doing in this picture?

When I would go up to a door I would say "trick or treat" and reach in the bowl of candy.
I liked to pick out the suckers.

Very Interesting

Here I am cuddled in mom & dad's bed reading a Thomas book. You didn't know I could read?

Pumpkin Patch

Say "cheese" like the pumpkin!
We carved a pumpkin the week of halloween. I call it a pumpkin patch. I didn't really participate much because it was kinda "yuck".

Welcome Baby Braxton!

Introducing my new baby cousin. I called him "Baby M" for awhile, but now I call him Baby Braxton. I can't wait to see him soon...he's so cute. He even lets me hold him.

I two!

As you can see, I had a GREAT birthday! Everyone brought me train stuff and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me, so I clapped :) Mommy and Daddy can't believe I'm already two - it's hard to believe myself.

1st Big League Game

Here I am at Minute Maid Stadium. I came to watch the Astros play! My favorite part was watching the train move in the outfield!

GUSTAV aftermath...lots to do!

Dragging limbs...
Assessing the damage...

Using my flashlight (not sure why)...


Ahh, and resting! I'm pooped.


I was bored waiting for the Hurricane, so I decided to pose for the camera.

Nap Time

If I have to take a nap, we ALL have to take a nap. Line up!