Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Like my shades?

I'm ready for vacation!

Easter Eve

This was my first time dyeing easter eggs. I had fun dropping the eggs in the dye and trying to get them out. (Then of course I wanted to throw them).

The Easter Bunny Came!

I was so excited to see my new tent & all the stuff the Easter Bunny brought to my house! It's like Christmas! I like to sit in my tent and watch cartoons!

Watch this!

After I hit all the balls off the tee, I tried to hit the dyed eggs too (mommy said no no).

Puppy Love

Aunt CC got a new puppy. I gave him a BIG kiss.

Attention all scouts!

How is my form? I practice ALL DAY LONG. Don't let the outfit fool ya!


I had a blast swinging with Isabelle. I said weeeee the whole time. It makes swinging much more fun!


Here, you can have my pink egg.

Post Easter Egg Hunt

Here I am with my cousins waiting for our prizes from Mimi! I won twice!!! For getting the least amount of easter eggs. I liked to throw them when I found them.