Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Audubon Zoo...Woooow!

Last weekend we went to the Audubon Zoo in N.O.
The first animals we saw were the elephants (that's what I'm poiting at).
They are So big in person, I kept saying WOW!

First Carousel Ride

It's over-rated. I didn't care much for the carousel ride until after I got off and
kept making lion noises.

My daddy

Oops! That's the big gorilla. He kept staring at us.


I got to walk around the zoo by myself for a favorite part!

Dancing at the zoo

See the bird in the tree? He was dancing to music, so I did too!
My parents finally MADE me get down.

And danced some more...

After we left the dancing bird, I found another stump to dance on.
Who needs a silly bird to dance at the zoo?!

Seal the deal

This was our last stop before we left the zoo. I'm even cute as a seal :)