Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Check this out!

Today I decided I don't need to hold on to someone's finger to get around.
Here I surprised mommy by walking to her while she was looking down fixing her camera.
I'm sneaky like that!

Watch out!

I like to walk full speed into people until they catch me. This walkin' business is fun!

See Daddy :)

It's official...I'm walking now.
The more my mommy takes pictures of me, the more I like to show off my skills.

hey y'all!

I luv to smile :)

See my teeth!?!

I have 7 teeth (working on #8).
Ouch! ...they hurt coming out :(

Drummer Boy

I had so much fun banging my drum. When I put my hands way up & bang them down, the drum makes loud noises...so I did it over & over & over...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sleepy baby...

It's time for some cool weather, huh!?

FSU Fan!

I can't wait 'till daddy comes home so we can watch sportscenter together again.
I'll wear my shirt!

Lazy Sunday

Daddy came home for the day, so we decided to kick back with a cold beer. (Just kidding, I don't even know what that is).

Country Livin'

Here I am with Bob on my first tractor ride in the country. It was HOT, but I had fun.

Here goosey goosey!

Mommy & Daddy took me to the park for the first time. I fed the geese & watched the BIG rats swim in the water. Cool!

...too close for comfort...

The geese were eating from our hands. They must have been HUNGRY!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hey there!

I'm home again (in my bed of course)! I'm glad to be here, but we're missin' daddy. He'll be home soon. Below are lots of pictures of my fun summer.
Sorry it took so long, but I hope you enjoy!

Da da da da da

I kept sayin' da da's name and laughing!
Wish you were here, but I'll see ya soon and we'll have lots of fun :)

How cute!?

Lookin' like my daddy here..

My 1st Ballet

Here I am at the ballet on the riverfront with mom. I chose to read my book and play with the stroller wheels. No offense.


Why should I walk on my own when I can use this colorful thing?
I'm taking more than 5 steps now, but I still prefer to crawl.

My summer friend

"..but I want to touch your stroller"

More visitors from LA!

I'm starting to miss cajun country...

Trip to Fort Benning, GA

Could you hurry please, this metal is kinda HOT!

We're proud of Bob!

Meet Maggie...

I met Maggie at the lake house. She was hilarious!!
Thanks for inviting me Mollie & Larry :)


Do I really have to wear this?

First Boat Ride

My mommy and I jumped in the water in the middle of the lake.
I think she was more scared than I was!

Can I help you?

I'm trying to eat here Mom.

Tee time??

They say practice makes perfect.
Look, I'm a switch-hitter!

Day 1: Perdido Key, FL

I LOVE the beach!

Day 2: Perdido Key, FL

I REALLY LOVE the beach!!

Fun in the Sun!

My best time on the beach was sitting in this rocket boat splashing in the salty water. This is the reason I was so tired.

Beach Bum

This is what I call "beach hair"