Friday, June 15, 2007

Hi Ya!

Just wanted to say hi to everyone back home and thanks for the comments!
I miss y'all...XOXOXO


smandella said...

We miss you too!!
Love you lots.
Aunt Stormy and Uncle Cristian

Patti C said...

Hey Guys,
We really enjoyed spending time with you this weekend. Brant is really a cutie pie. Brooks, thanks for spending time with Reece before the game. He really enjoyed it. He couldn't wait to tell his dad. We know the 3 of you are really happy being together.
Danny, Patti, and Reece

pjccajun17 said...

hey buddy...we miss you too. Uncle Daniel and I are going to go see you mommy and daddy as soon as we can.
Stay looking cool.
Aunt CC and Uncle Daniel

Heather Reddick said...

Brant, you are the cutest little man I have ever seen! Give your mommy and daddy a hug for me! Aunt Feather

NaNa said...

You look so happy.
Love and MISS YOU!